Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo Stories

Like the proud mama of two beautiful furbabies that I am, I thought I'd share some pictures.

Since she was born in March of 2008, this was Daly's first Christmas. She took advantage of the new areas to explore that the Christmas tree provided, as seen above. This is probably how she got the hole in her cornea. At least that's what O'Malley would have us believe.

This morning I awoke to snow flurries. As you can see it actually stuck. Daly was sitting in the bedroom window and trying to figure out why there was white stuff floating around. So, I decided to let the girls out to enjoy the first (and hopefully last) snow of the year.
O'Malley, being a New England born lass, was right at home. She sniffed out the holly trees and put up quite a fight when I decided it was time to go back inside. Next, it was Daly's turn. This is the first time I have ever let her outside. Once she got to the step she was mortified to find out that I closed the door behind us. She started crying like she was on the way to the vet to get her eye stained again.
She did venture off the step very briefly. When I knelt down to get a pic, she jumped (literally) at the chance to get off of the cold ground. She quickly made her way up my leg and onto my shoulder, crying all the way. That was our cue to head back inside. Something tells me my Memphis born girl won't be begging to go outside anytime soon.