Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

This year one of my good friends and some of his friends came to Boston to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and invited me along. It has been several years since my one and only Southie Parade, so I was glad to be invited along to join in the weekend festivities. It was a fun, tiring weekend. I think I got more sun and did more walking around the past few days than in the whole of last year :)

I thought I would entertain anyone who decides to check out my blog with some songs that showed up this weekend, made me smile, and stuck in my head for one reason or another. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Tessie by Dropkick Murphys

Whiskey in the Jar

Alone With You by Jake Owen

Fight for Your Right to Party by Richard Cheese

Let's Do It by Ella Fitzgerald

Baby Got Back by Richard Cheese

Now it is time for laundry and to catch up on sleep so I can go back to work tomorrow. Gotta love these four day weekends.