Thursday, May 29, 2008

Embarking on My 4th Decade of Life....

Yesterday I turned 30. I’m ok with this. I have a good job, great friends, a wonderful family, and a house—or rather a mortgage. I really don’t feel any older, except for the pains in my hips. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Yesterday started off like every other: empty the litter box. I then had a doctor’s appointment to follow-up about my knees and ankles (Doc says things are good just deal with the aches with some glucosamine and OTC pain killers). When I got to the office there was a wonderful Coconut Pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting (everything homemade) waiting on my desk. Breakfast of champions! I also got balloons for the first time in who knows how long and then I was off to PT. We really pushed it and that is why I am now hurting all over. Tell me again how shoulder presses during my toe walks helps? The rest of the day went smoothly. I splurged on a calzone to share with O’Malley for supper and was able to “mow” (only used a line trimmer) just over half of the back yard before getting too tired. I hope to finish the rest tonight and also plan on getting a real mower for the back yard soon. It’s just too much on my arms and back to use the whacker for such a long time. Back inside I spent the night on the phone with the parents and grandparents and watching some old Law & Order episodes. I made it up to bed around 11p. And then a little miracle happened: Daly made it upstairs for the first time by herself. After I kicked her out and put her back downstairs she made the trek again. She also decided that she should come up to my bed and we spent an hour or so (around midnight/1 AM) debating this. She would climb up the dust ruffle and I would drop her back on the floor (mini claws firmly planted in my hands) saying “This is O’Malley’s bed, not Daly’s bed.” After about an hour, now closing in on 2a, I gave up with the thought that O’Malley would fix it herself. So up Daly stayed, just not on Mal’s side of the bed. Then about 2:30, Mal jumps up and paying no mind to the little one on the other side of me, promptly curls up and falls asleep. She stayed up there until about 5:30 then realized Daly was there, jumped down and thought that I should wake up too. Then she went back to ignoring the little one. It was nice to have both of them there, but I woke up about every 30-60 minutes to make sure everything was alright and that I didn’t roll over and crush Daly.

Here is O'Malley enjoying the long holiday weekend.

And little 8 week old Daly doing her best gremlin impression.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Daly. I'm still working on a middle name. I guess once I have to scold her, it will come. That's right: a girl. I was hoping to get a boy, but also wanted the runt of the litter since O'Malley is petite. Well the runt turned out to be a girl. I like the name Daly (pronounced Day-ly) better for a girl anyway so it worked out. This morning she weighed in at exactly 1 pound and didn't even flinch when she got her first shot and worm medicine. Her purr is reminiscent of a motorboat. She is 7 weeks old and smaller than my size 6 1/2 feet. She has the cutest tiger stripes on her arms and stomach. I guess it is fitting that my new baby has "sleeves". Her little face is overpowered by her big yellow-green eyes and gremlin sized ears. O'Malley is not thrilled with the idea of another cat in the house and shows her displeasure whenever their paths cross. Thankfully, Daly is a quick learner and gets out of the way. I've discovered that it is best to let Daly sleep downstairs so Mal can get her Mommy Time at night. The first night I let Daly sleep with me and Mal was upset enough to give me a good scratching on the shoulder. But last night when it was just me and Mal, she turned back into her purring cuddle bug self.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Only A Day Away

I get to pick up my new kitten tomorrow! I'll post a pic of the kids together if it's possible. As for me, I'm still suffering along with these dang knees and ankles. I had my first real Physical Therapy appointment today. It went well, but I have to dig out the bathing suit for Wednesday. Hopefully I won't blind anyone with my white, white legs. I guess this is payback for buying long basketball shorts for PT this week. As long as it helps, I'm all for it. On another note, since I'm doing PT two times a week for two week and have a followup doctor's appointment, I'm going to be shelling out about $200 this month in co-pays! Mom and dad better sell that motorcycle quick. I really don't want to have to use my credit cards. I'm been really good with only using them for work things or for discounts and then paying that amount off right away. It's so pretty to see those balances go down every month. I have the Teen Movie Night at my place tomorrow night. I hope that there is a good turnout. Unfortunately there are some conflicts, so it will be a smaller group. I think there might be pizza overload :) I'm off to get the last bit of things for potluck and then go on a cleaning spree.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kitty Update

Here is the most recent pic of the kitties. Only a couple of weeks left until I can make one of them my own. They grow so fast.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Feeling It

Today is one of those days that I am acutely aware of my singleness. I spent a lot of energy dealing with other peoples problems and trying to pick up after them. I'm done! Isn't it about time for someone to take care of ME? I am the sole breadwinner, landscaper, house cleaner and cook. Oh and don't even get me started on being the sole SS teacher. I'm not asking to be pampered. Right now I need someone to share my frustrations with (O'Malley doesn't count this time), someone to get away with. Don't get me wrong, my female friends are great. But the majority of the local ones are married or in long term relationships so we are in different places mentally and emotionally. The only single friend I can think of I can only take in small doses. (We don't have the same communication style and I often feel physically trapped--personal space and politeness are part of this--when we have conversations.)It has been over two years since my last date and am missing all of the things that go along with even a casual dating relationship. Dang! Now that I type it, that sounds really bad. I do have an old flame (from back in 2001-era) who I have been getting reacquainted with, but he lives in Massachusetts. Besides, it's nothing more than the occasional text message chat/phone call.