Friday, May 16, 2008

Only A Day Away

I get to pick up my new kitten tomorrow! I'll post a pic of the kids together if it's possible. As for me, I'm still suffering along with these dang knees and ankles. I had my first real Physical Therapy appointment today. It went well, but I have to dig out the bathing suit for Wednesday. Hopefully I won't blind anyone with my white, white legs. I guess this is payback for buying long basketball shorts for PT this week. As long as it helps, I'm all for it. On another note, since I'm doing PT two times a week for two week and have a followup doctor's appointment, I'm going to be shelling out about $200 this month in co-pays! Mom and dad better sell that motorcycle quick. I really don't want to have to use my credit cards. I'm been really good with only using them for work things or for discounts and then paying that amount off right away. It's so pretty to see those balances go down every month. I have the Teen Movie Night at my place tomorrow night. I hope that there is a good turnout. Unfortunately there are some conflicts, so it will be a smaller group. I think there might be pizza overload :) I'm off to get the last bit of things for potluck and then go on a cleaning spree.

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