Friday, June 29, 2007

Morning Visitor

I don't really know what is happening, but I'm starting to wake up by 6:15 every morning even without O'Malley's gentle head taps. Since I was awake so early this morning I decided to take advantage of the situation and work out before breakfast/devotional time. This week I have been trying to do the "Slim in 6" DVD's 11 minute ab workout at least every other day. I put on the "Slim in 6" DVD I have and went with the simple 24 minute workout instead. It is basically a mini-workout designed to get you familiar with the moves. I have done this DVD program and the next stage in the past, but was really out of it this morning. I had to take several breaks and got a little overheated. I'm chalking it up to not being hydrated enough at the start even though I went through a huge cup of water during the video. Needless to say, I was quite the sweaty girl and much in need of a shower. Just as I was getting ready to lather-rinse-repeat I saw one of the largest, hairiest, ugliest spiders walking across the floor of the tub. It was inches away from my feet. I tried to get it to go down the drain, but it was a stubborn fella. I even tried switching the water from the shower to the spicket. I got out of the shower, soaking wet, and tried to dump water on it from the lid of the cotton ball container but that didn't do the trick. Finally I went to the bedroom, retrieved my trusty New Balance sneakers and crushed the bugger. Only then was I able to coax it down the drain and continue on with my morning. Before you put in your call to PETA, please note that I do not fear or hate spiders. I just don't want them in my tub! If he had been on the wall or outside I wouldn't have reacted to severely. I did try to get him down the drain alive at first...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time Waster

If you feel like wasting some time or feel like trying on some new personalities, this is pretty fun. Unfortunately there were no gray cats, so a light one had to do.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Step

While I am still praying about my future, I am stepping out with Memphis in mind. I have a meeting on Monday morning with a loan officer to talk mortgages. I also have an appointment on Tuesday to look at four houses although I do have a favorite already. I'm somewhat picky and hate shopping; I didn't even test drive the two cars or motorcycle I've purchased. House hunting will probably be the same. The main thing I'm looking for in the visits is a sense of the neighborhood. Photos give me a lot of info, so I don't see myself looking at 16 houses in a single day like E&J did. The true test will be my meeting with Katy the loan officer. Once we figure out rates, payments, taxes, etc. then I will be able to find out how much house I can afford. I praying that this will be my sign. Unfortunately for me, I make more than the average first home buyer in Tennessee and therefore do not qualify for any of the state's help programs. If I can't get the payments I need, then that means that I'm not supposed to buy a house.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend Update

I am happy to report that the Chili Polenta dish was a hit at Potluck. Of course I did have to explain what "that stuff on top" was to some of the born-and-bred southerns. Maybe I should've said it was Italian Grits :) If you ask me, the addition of garlic, onion, peppers, and then cheese to the polenta made the dish. It was fairly simple and inexpensive so it will be added to the regular potluck rotation. Atlanta was fun. It was nice to have the whole weekend at home before heading down. It's amazing to think that we were only there for less than 48 hours. While the Sox tanked on Monday night, they made up for it last night. I'm certain that the whole of Turner Field was aware that I'm a Tek fan. I might've blown some eardrums :) Now that I'm back I'm going to start thinking seriously about the whole housing situation. I was looking at some websites and found some cute places in Cordova. While I haven't decided what I want to do yet, I have decided to give the Boyd's realtor a call and start the process. I have to give notice by August 1 if I am leaving my place and would love some overlap so that I don't feel rushed with moving. I'm very much wrestling with this. Do I really want to commit to Memphis in such a large way? One of the signs I'm looking for is that my no-money-down house payment would be comparable to my current rent (I do live in Collierville). Once again I'm praying that the door is wide open or slammed shut. There is only one way to find out--if I don't try the door, how will I know that it is open for me?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cooking for One

I'm not a big fan of cooking for one. I tend to settle for cereal or a quick pasta dish when it is just me. However, I really do enjoy cooking and wish I had more of an opportunity to make the family recipes or just try things I've seen on the Food Network or around the web. Being vegetarian I'm always on the lookout for new things to try that don't involve pasta or too much work. I know that practice makes perfect (if only I had the confidence and track record of LadyBoyd!), so when I'm not too tired at the end of the week I end up using our weekly church potlucks at my outlet. Today I found a fairly simple recipe on PETA's website ( for "Chili Casserole With Polenta Topping." I intend to make a few adjustments (onion powder instead of onions? No garlic? Pshaw!) including using instant polenta versus homemade and might add some cheese to the mix. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Staying Put

First off, thank you for your prayers. I heard back from SNEC today. I didn't get the answer that I was hoping for, but I got the answer God intended. They didn't have to follow up with me, but I've very glad they did. Now I can close the book on it and Mom won't have to start looking into gift certificates for tattoo removal since she saw my art work as a possible "personality conflict." :) There are several incentives to stay where I am--most of them monetary--and the relationship with my boss is actually bearable at the moment. The new question is: where do I want to live now? My lease is up at the end of August and my apartment/town is a bit on the pricey side. Do I stay where I am, do I move to a cheaper apartment, or do I start looking to put down roots in the form of a real estate purchase? I like the idea of a townhouse because then I wouldn't have to worry about taking care of my lawn. Then again, I could get a house for about the same price and it might have better resale prospects. There is also an abundance of foreclosures available. And there is the question of where to move to. Somewhere safe between work and church would be ideal. O'Malley and I are living alone after all. Once I get back from Atlanta next week (GO SOX!), I'll have a lot of thinking to do and will need to start the process if I'm going to buy something.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

That's just sad

While the following is rather embarrassing and pathetic, I still feel the need to share. Please swallow any beverage you may be drinking as I do not want to be responsible for your choking fit. Yesterday I was not feeling all that well and stayed home from work. I spent the majority of the day sleeping. When I finally did wake up around 1:30 pm, I decided to catch up on my SciFi Friday shows. Still in my PJs--which consisted of a pair of Old Navy's scrub-like drawstring waisted bottoms from 1999 and a tank top--I made my way to the love seat. As I sat down, the rear seam busted open. That's right, I ripped a hole in the arse of my PJs by doing nothing other than sitting down. If that is not a wake up call I don't know what is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Waiting Game

If anything is to come of my SNEC meeting from last month, I should know soon. I keep telling my mom and other friends not to worry about the outcome or spend too much time thinking about it. I tell them to pray for me and that if this is meant to be, it will happen. Yet I have been unable to think of anything else this weekend--I found out on Friday that my references have been checked. The more I think about the possibility of this opportunity, the more I want it. The amount of time, energy, and money involved to make this change is also weighing on my mind. I’m supposed to be flying to Atlanta in a couple of weeks (June 18-19) for the Red Sox series. I can’t help but wonder if/how this will be impacted by what might or might not come up this week... All I can do now is pray for a less anxious mind and that I can trust whatever path God wants me to go on. Even if it means staying in a yucky work environment.