Friday, June 15, 2007

Cooking for One

I'm not a big fan of cooking for one. I tend to settle for cereal or a quick pasta dish when it is just me. However, I really do enjoy cooking and wish I had more of an opportunity to make the family recipes or just try things I've seen on the Food Network or around the web. Being vegetarian I'm always on the lookout for new things to try that don't involve pasta or too much work. I know that practice makes perfect (if only I had the confidence and track record of LadyBoyd!), so when I'm not too tired at the end of the week I end up using our weekly church potlucks at my outlet. Today I found a fairly simple recipe on PETA's website ( for "Chili Casserole With Polenta Topping." I intend to make a few adjustments (onion powder instead of onions? No garlic? Pshaw!) including using instant polenta versus homemade and might add some cheese to the mix. Keep your fingers crossed.

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LadyBoyd said...

Good luck! We're planning to come tomorrow, barring .... well, general moodiness. Thanks for the shout out. >blush< I wouldn't say Im all that confident... unless its PROVEN well received. hehe.