Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Step

While I am still praying about my future, I am stepping out with Memphis in mind. I have a meeting on Monday morning with a loan officer to talk mortgages. I also have an appointment on Tuesday to look at four houses although I do have a favorite already. I'm somewhat picky and hate shopping; I didn't even test drive the two cars or motorcycle I've purchased. House hunting will probably be the same. The main thing I'm looking for in the visits is a sense of the neighborhood. Photos give me a lot of info, so I don't see myself looking at 16 houses in a single day like E&J did. The true test will be my meeting with Katy the loan officer. Once we figure out rates, payments, taxes, etc. then I will be able to find out how much house I can afford. I praying that this will be my sign. Unfortunately for me, I make more than the average first home buyer in Tennessee and therefore do not qualify for any of the state's help programs. If I can't get the payments I need, then that means that I'm not supposed to buy a house.

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