Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend in Review

This weekend went very well. While not too much happened, I did have a good class Sabbath morning and the children's story went smoothly. I even made it to the 10am Sunday church committee meeting early! Yes it lasted just over two hours, but it was very productive. I even found some time for dishes and laundry. I just need to convince myself to make vacuuming a priority. The only bad part to this weekend was when I tried to boot up my laptop. I'm getting a nasty hard drive "SMART failure" error message and can't boot up. I got a possible fix from the internet, but that will only work if I can get my laptop to start up with the command prompts. Cross your fingers. If it doesn't work, I'm off to visit the Geek Squad. My laptop is probably about 5 years old, so it may be a lost cause. I would like to save all of my files though. We'll see.

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Azeveda's Gambit said...

If your SMART setting is giving you an error, it may be time to get a new HD for the laptop.

The SMART bios is used to make sure that the drive doesn't end up with errors or skip spots on the disk itself, but if it is failing to keep from starting the system. it is time for a new one.