Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Say What?

I had a very interesting phone call yesterday. One of my newer friends called me at 8:40a on Sunday and I waited until yesterday to call her back since the voicemail that was left stated “nothing important, just call when you get a chance.” Note that anyone who knows me knows that there better be an emergency or a serious commitment that I’ve made to get me up before 9a on Sunday. And this was my first Sunday in months where no serious commitment caused me to set my alarm. Needless to say, I refused to answer the phone Sunday. When I finally called back, my friend said that she was glad that I called back because she was worried about me all day Sunday. I was taken off guard by this. There is nothing going on that I am aware of that would cause anyone to worry on my behalf. Come to find out she was worried because I went to a colleague’s baby shower Saturday night. And well, as a single it must have been very hard for me to be in that situation. WHAT?! I’m not the type of person to throw a massive pity party for myself because I’m hanging out with married and pregnant people. Most of my friends fit in at least one of those categories including the married mother of two who was worried about me. Now, in the interest of total disclosure, I may have moments when I see a married person who does not seem like the marrying type (i.e., the very angry newlywed at this weekend’s shower) I do sometimes wonder why they can be married, but I’m not. This thought might last about 30 minutes or so. I know why I’m single. Marriage is not a priority for me. I’m content to sit, wait, and work on me. I’m not going to go husband hunting or look for a trophy somewhere just to have one. There are more important things, like being a good auntie and momma to my O’Malley girl.

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