Tuesday, June 03, 2008


They say that bad things come in threes. I don’t want to think about what will be next. It started on Friday. I had just come back from my last PT appointment for my knees & ankles and was checking my email when my vision went wonky. By wonky, I mean that I was seeing a nice colorful, wavy “C” out of my left eye. I called my eye doctor and was told to make my way immediately to the local Retina Institute. Thankfully, it was nothing serious - just an ocular migraine. But while they were checking me out, they found a nice little hole in my retina that required immediate laser surgery. (Thank goodness for health insurance.) The surgery didn’t take too long, but was very painful. I was able to drive and resume regular activity right away. Unfortunately, my left eye is still sore and gets tired easily. That was one. This is two: Since I purchased what I lovingly (?) call a money pit, I knew that I needed to get my 22 year old AC units checked out. They’ve been acting kind of rough now that the sun is kicking in and since the prior owners took care of NOTHING, I wasn’t sure what condition it was actually in. I signed up for a yearly tune-up program last week and they came out for the first visit last night. Before I go on, you can get an idea of the situation by the fact that the tech was there from about 6:15-10p. The units are officially “very old and inefficient”. One of the units even shut down while the tech was there inspecting them. The shut down was caused by severe lack of maintenance over the years. So $599 later, they have been bandaged, freshly cleaned, and restocked with Freon (3 pounds were added to the upstairs unit alone). Unfortunately, more work is needed. At least another $600 of work is recommended to keep the units hobbling along. Now it is research time. I’m going to wait on the additional repairs (with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed) and schedule a call with a sales guy to find out my options for new units. Not that I have the money to get new units, but I need to be able to plan for that step. I know that it will end up being several thousand dollars. My hope is that by learning all of the details, I can make a plan of attack. I know that new units will be worth it in the long run. Resale value will go up and energy costs will go down. Why is being a grownup so costly and frustrating? Thankfully, I will be able to get a nice break from being a grownup later on this month when I get to visit Mommy & Daddy.

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