Friday, December 05, 2008

It's That Time of Year

I knew it was coming. There's a chill in the air. I've started my shopping. I even plugged in and turned on the electric blanket last night. And now I have my tree up. I came home (after a very long 4 day work week) tonight to a box of goodies sitting by the front door. My WIR Secret Santa sent me lots of Christmas goodies which got me in a festive mood.
I also pulled out my Irish Nativity. As you can see, this is only part of the set. The shepherds, goats, more lambs, another angel, donkey, and the little drummer boy are still at my mom's house. (Nanny started the subscription for me so all of the items ship to her.) I was able to look them over Thanksgiving day and am quite pleased. Now I just need to convince my mother to ship them out to me before Christmas! And imagine my surprise at the three nails poking out of my mantle. Back when my parents came for Christmas in 2005, I had purchased three stockings. True, it's two years later and they've never been used. But I do have a stocking for all of the house's residents. The fact that the other two are quadrupeds and have slightly more fur than I do is irrelevant.


stamperskye said...

looks terrific - we are in the midst of decorating as well, and the school's poinsettias brightened the house last night.

autumn said...

awesome. i love the nativity from nanny. :)