Monday, December 29, 2008

So Soon?

I’m a little surprised that this is happening so soon. I had expected it to happen sometime after I had children; or even after I’d gotten married (since I am getting a late start—assuming I start at all—on that one). No such luck. I feel like I’m too young for this to be happening. The signs were all there, but I refused to see them. It wasn’t until a friend’s husband, a navy corpsman, made a comment over Friday’s Christmas brunch that it hit me. My friend E, the accountant, seconded his observation. How could this be? I’m a single girl, just 30 years old. And yet, it’s undeniable. I’m turning into my mother! And here is photographic evidence:


stamperskye said...

hee hee! It's allowed during the holidays. You can be young and hip again next week, but you've got to have a Christmas sweater! I just got a new one today at 60% off.

Anonymous said...

i love you and i love your mom so i don't see the issue :) hee hee plus i'm more and more like my mom all the time... does that mean that we are turning into each other since our mom's are so alike :)