Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Since I first woke up to Daly having a middle of the night seizure in mid-November last year, I have become hyper-alert to the noises she makes during the night. I wake to sounds of her drinking copious amounts of water, eating her dry food, shoveling around in the litter box, and playing obstacle course in the wrapping and tissue paper laden closet. I've also awoken to her having two more seizures. This morning, around 5:30, I heard a new sound. I couldn't place it but knew it was a sound that involved Daly. I quickly turned on the bedside light and turned towards the sounds. I was greeted by Daly squirming her way out of my dresser drawer! I had left it cracked open and she took advantage of the cave-like comfort it provided.

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