Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A (P)Interesting Thing to Do

A couple of days ago while browsing the wonderful time-suck that is Pinterist, I came across a fun looking Photo-A-Day guide for February. I would have probably forgotten all about it if a friend hadn't emailed me this morning encouraging me to do it with her (and her fans out in radioland). But with her encouragement, I've accepted the challenge. Additionally, since my blog is kind of on the slim side, I've decided to upload my daily photos here for anyone who may stumble upon it. (Of course, that is all based on the assumption that someone other than myself checks out my blog occasionally.) Anyway, Day One is "your view today". I was hoping to get a pic of the Boston skyline that I see everyday on my way in to work, but the soupy fog that lingered during my commute blocked it today. So, instead, I give you a picture from my 3rd floor office office window. I usually keep the blinds closed due to glare on the computer screens, but today I parted them for a few hours. Without further adieu here is my view of the Mass Pike, trees, and one of the other radio stations here on radio row.

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