Monday, February 06, 2012

A Stranger

I am a fairly shy person when it comes to strangers. My classic line is, "My parents trained me so well that even 30+ years later, I still don't talk to strangers." I knew getting a picture of a stranger for the February Photo-A-Day challenge was going to be just that, a challenge. These days I spend most of my time at home, at work, or commuting back and forth so running into a stranger is not a common occurrence. Additionally, Day 4 was a Saturday which meant that my main tasks for the day would be church and homework in the evening. Now I usually take the free ride and carpool with my parents for the 50 mile ride to church (I know that seems excessive, but I enjoy getting to see all 3 of my living grandparents each week), but my mom was sick and Dad had been up all night with her. Since I was slated for my first public outing as the new church treasurer--giving the offering call--I couldn't forgo the trip and visit a closer church. But, I digress. Since I know the majority of the church members at least by sight, I couldn't snap a pic there. In the end I decided to go with a shot of the driver in the car behind me as I was about to turn into my neighborhood.

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