Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rule of Life

For my Foundations of Biblical Spirituality class we have read some really interesting books like The God Shaped Brain. But one of the most thought provoking assignments that will have far-reaching ripples in my life writing a Rule of Life for myself. I have read about this concept before, but never thought of really doing it myself until now. I wanted to share what I have come up with. It is a bit on the generic side, but I hope this will be something that I review at least annually and/or when there are major changes in my life. Do you have a Rule of Life? Is there something that you think is missing or should not be included?

1. Be intentional with regards to the relationships in my life: God, family, friends. This means setting aside time each day/week/month/season to spend quality and quantity time. It also means making sure that my friends are good influences—spiritually and socially.
2. Be intentional about my physical health: avoid processed foods at least one day a week, exercise 3x a week, work to get my running time and pushup count to Navy standards and maintain or increase when standard is reached, work on reducing my caffeine intake by first switching to half-caff and teas, maintain vegetarian diet, and be in bed by midnight.
3. Be a cheerful giver with both my time and money: habitually tithes and offerings as well as charitable donations and volunteering.
4. Continue to make an effort to socialize and meet new people.
5. Be well read academically, Biblically, and socially. Read both for relaxation, self-study, and scholastics.
6. Take time to find at least one blessing each day: start writing them down for later reflection and reminders.
7. Give my best to school and work to ensure that I not only receive the benefits of an education and job, but also to help inspire those around me.

As part of Rule #6, my goal is to start posting my blessing on my poor neglected blog.

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