Friday, February 16, 2007

The Sweet Life

If only I was an M&M. Life would be sweet :) It has been a busy but rewarding couple of weeks for me. I made a hire for the open A/P position on Wednesday and am really excited. I will be fully staffed by March 1 and the new GM starts Feb 26. I can truly say that things are looking up. Lost is back on Wednesday nights, Valentine’s was as uneventful as ever (Happy 2nd Birthday Lukie!), I even did my taxes online and am excited to report that my refund more than covers what I owe on my furniture. I also decided that I needed to see my doctor this week. She told me that I am stuck with a yucky sore throat for the next couple of weeks due to the viral stuff that has been going around. On the plus side, I also gave in and asked for some prescription sleep aids for short-term use. There is nothing like a great night’s sleep! I don’t remember the last time I’ve slept so soundly. The only drawback is the side effect which increases the intensity of my tension headaches. I guess that will help me insure that sleep aids are a temporary solution for my restless mind. I made a discovery about myself this week. I think that I actually like snow. Yes, you read correctly. So far in February Memphis has been graced by snow at least three times and I had to drive in it each time. As I was walking to my car I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the snow was; big, soft snowflakes. Then it hit me. I like snow. What I don’t like is large amounts of snow like the 12+ inches that hit my folks this week. Moderation in all things. Things are starting to warm up a bit now and the long weekend is the perfect opportunity for me to clean my house so Erin won’t call animal services on me. The main goal of this weekend is to spoil myself. I booked a hot stone massage for Monday afternoon. It is about double the cost of a normal massage, but well worth it. I hope you get the chance to spoil yourself every once in a while, too.

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Azeveda's Gambit said...

You know.... If you look at that M&M it does kinda look like you... Just think of your Coi as the M. You do like starbucks, annnd the hair is almost like yours in the same manner. My gawd! You are a M&M!!!! ;P