Thursday, October 25, 2007

A couple of firsts

Last night I did two things for the first time. One of which was turning on the heat in my house. I have two thermostats--one upstairs and one in the bedroom. As it is getting to be freaking wet and cold all of the time I really had no choice. I'm thinking that I may need to find a way to close up the huge hole in the bedroom wall (shutters or glass or something) to prevent all of the heat from escaping. We'll see what this change does to my MLG&W bill. If I have my way, a new water heater will be the next purchase instead. I can cover the cost with my gift card, but am not sure about the cost for install, delivery, & take away. Cross your fingers. The other first from last night was buying decaf coffee. "How can this be a first?" you ask. I didn't just buy a cup of decaf or some coffee singles. I bought a whole can of decaf coffee grounds. (On a side note: Dunkin Donuts ground coffee can now be purchased at your local Memphis SuperTarget. I can stop being a coffee mule!) Why on earth would I do this? Well, I like coffee for the taste, not the caffeine. I don't have any other caffeinated beverages at the house, so I figured I don't need regular coffee either. Mom is always mentioning that I should cut back, so I am going to try. Now if only we brewed decaf at the office.... Oh yeah, GO RED SOX!

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LadyBoyd said...

Don't forget... that guy Im married to can install water heaters. :-D