Friday, October 05, 2007

Good & Bad

Good: My boss swears that he does not intentionally not communicate with me, so I shouldn't take it personally. He also swears that he respects me and wants me on his team. Corp has also told me to hang in as there is hope for things to get better. Bad: I still don't trust him and do take it personally. The benefit of the doubt has an expiration date. About an hour after his proclamation that he is not doing this on purpose, I discovered yet another situation where I am having to pick up the pieces because he didn't tell me something. ARGH! Good: Terminix is now my friend. They came yesterday afternoon to help me with the Palmetto bug problem. It is working already. Bad: I can tell it is working by the number of dead and dying bugs I disposed of this morning. I'm not looking forward to coming home after work. I didn't realize how many bugs and bug types I had until they started dying.

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Azeveda's Gambit said...

Good: Good that you talked it over with them to get your point across. Smart thing too to stay on your toes about his issues, sorry if it doesn't work out. Hw doesn't know what he has got> The dumbass.

Bad: That guy is still an ass for being a hypocrite to his own words and being a pecker for having the world's quickest case of Alzheimer'e you have ever seen.

Good: There is nothing like insecticide bombs. It is the quickest and easiest way to handle peskie bugs.

Bad: You are right though, too bad it looks like a Warzone piled with bodies everywhere when you are done. LOL.