Friday, October 12, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

That beautiful but dirty long haired black and white cat has not been around for several days. I've been keeping some dry food in a baggie in my car just in case it shows up. I noticed that once I started to put out food for the pretty kitty so did the neighbors on each side of me. This shouldn't bother me since the cat was really thin, but I admit to being a little put off. I wanted to be the one of take care of it. The cat would follow me to the door as if it wanted to come inside. I wish I could let it. My only hope is that someone else took pity on the cat and saw how good of a pet it could be and decided to let it into their home (the only thing that I wouldn't be able to promise this cat would be visits inside my home). I did try to see how O'Malley would feel about this new possible pet. I left the door open so that O'Malley could watch this new kitty through the glass door. There was some hissing from O'Malley, but I expected as much since they couldn't smell each other. Then she just watched this new cat eat and rubbed up against my legs to show the outside cat who I belonged to. On a side note, O'Malley been more affectionate since she saw the cat. She's back on the bed at night and even spent Snooze Time on my stomach yesterday morning purring so loud I almost couldn't snooze :)

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