Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Find It Odd...

I find it odd so many people find it hard to believe that I can/like to cook. No less than three people showed surprise at this fact recently. Now I don't claim to be a Julia Child (or Lady Boyd) or anything like that, but I'm a decent cook. I can understand Esther's surprise since we were only acquaintances until last weekend. I must have done a good job since she asked me for my cottage cheese loaf recipe. My grandmother told me this week that she is still shocked that my mom and I are comfortable in the kitchen. Though in the very next breath she told me all about how she was going to be cooking with my 5 year old nephew on Wednesday. And then tonight JH called and seemed taken aback that I was cooking dinner. Actually, I was heating up the leftover lentil chili that I made last night, but she still commented that I cooked at all. I find this really odd because she knows I cook for potluck all of the time. True, being vegan she has not tried 90% of what I've brought. Either way, I'm kinda miffed. Now the real question: With so many others around who like to cook, why is it so hard to believe? Is it because I don't have a family to cook for? Because I'm an accountant? Because I'm under 50? I can't have anything to do with being female.

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Azeveda de La Gaia said...

I am not surprise that you can cook. We as humans have to sustain our energy in order to live.

"Why is it a surprise you can cook?"

It may be the fact that your friends only see you as only what you do for a living and that you are constantly busy and in this busy world that we live in, fast food joints and restaurants have taken the place of a home cooked meal.

I like to cook too, but since I have an electric range instead of a gas one, I don't cook as much as I used to at PUC. So I stick to the standard Microwave foods.