Monday, January 14, 2008

Princess Party

I was a little bit nervous for this weekend because in addition to teaching SS, Saturday night I hosted a youth movie night at my place. This was a first for me. There were 9 kids and 6 adults. I had a blast and I think everyone else had fun too. I read a devotional to start the evening and then we started the movie and pizza festivities. The Pastor's wife made pizzas and I was on Popcorn watch. We went through 4 boxes! The kids chose Princess Bride and A Cinderella Story. It was nice to have a living room filled with laughter. I don't usually have hostess duties. In the past this was mainly due to the fact that I lived so far out from the rest of my friends (ie, Collierville, Weymouth...) and recently it is because I don't have a doggy friendly house. Someday I'll get my fence fixed, but that won't help with not having doggies inside. Anyway, it was fun playing hostess. My guests cleaned up after themselves so I didn't even have to vacuum! I would open my house for guests again in a second. Not only was it fun, but it's a good way to keep me on task with the house cleaning :). On top of that, I got the good news this afternoon that Ellie is ready! After only 24 days of waiting the part is in and installed. I'm going to pick her up in the morning.


Azeveda de La Gaia said...

24 days?!! I would suggest that you find a new mechanic. 3-7 days Max should of been sufficient enough to order the part have it arrive and have it installed. I would have asked for a major rebate at that rate that it took them to repair it.

Anonymous said...

No need for rebate. It was warranty work, so I didn't pay a penny.