Monday, July 13, 2009

She's Crafty...

Yesterday was a long but fruitful day. The Women's Ministry group at church started a Crafting for the Homeless/Halfway House residents project. There was crocheting, knitting, and fleece blanket/scarf tying. Since I tied a few blankets last year and once knew how to crochet (and by once I mean about 20 years ago--dang, that makes me feel old!), I figured it was time to learn to knit. I brought along my newly purchased needles and yarn and was ready to learn! It wasn't nearly as easy as I had hoped. It took me a little while to catch on when it came to getting the loops from one needle to the next. But after a bit of practice I was ready to start my scarf project for real. Since I was using small needles and a thinner yarn, I found some great yarn make out of recycled plastic bottles, I went with 35 stitches. Somehow that morphed into 37 stitches by the time I was ready to head home. After a couple of hours at home, my stitches numbered 42. I have no idea how that happened. I did discover a hole and when I tried to pull out the stitches, I couldn't put them back on the needles. So I did what anyone who had spent 4 hours on a project would do, I unraveled the whole thing and started over. After another 2.5 hours, I was back to where I had been before. Here is a view of my progress: Knitting Day 1

This pic shows a little more detail.

This one shows the beautiful Forrest Green color

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