Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend in Words & Photos

On Thursday evening E, J & I ate a quick dinner that consisted of Whole Foods sushi and then made our way across the parking lot to see the new Vatican approved Harry Potter movie. We got there early so we could find three seats together. While most everyone else was playing on their cell phones waiting for the movie to start I did what any other self respecting 30-something would do: I put on my glasses and started knitting. Below is a pic of my progress taken just before I went to sleep on Thursday night. (BTW, great movie; can't wait for #7.)

Friday evening was spent studying to teach the earliteen SS lesson, making ice cream, and knitting. In preparation for Saturday night's Ice Cream Social, I borrowed E's ice cream maker and tried my hand at Avocado Ice Cream a la Alton Brown and a Vegan Butter Pecan. Here is photo evidence of what got accomplished Friday night. If you make the Butter Pecan, I recommend using half of the vanilla that the recipe calls for. I found it a bit overpowering. But it might have been just me since I got compliments and there was none left over.
Who doesn't like green food? I know that some people were a little bit skeptical of avocado ice cream, but I think that they ended up being pleasantly surprised. And besides, I have to shake things up every once and awhile. There were some leftovers, but I put them to good use in an avocado milkshake on Sunday.
And finally, here is the status of my knitting as of Friday night.
Saturday brought rest, busyness (teaching SS, doing announcements, & children's story) and the church social. I was happy to see that quite a few people came out for the festivities and sampled the ice cream. Most people left before the games started but a few of us stuck around. There was a nice group of us who brought our knitting/crocheting and worked on our projects while socializing. This is what I ended up with by the end of the night.
After such a busy week I decided to play hermit on Sunday. I slept til 10a, made breakfast, and settled in to a day of laundry, DVR watching (yay for Eureka, MI-5, Royal Pains, Mission Impossible 3, etc), and knitting. I don't feel so guilty watching so much TV anymore now that I can multi-task. Here is my almost finished scarf. I'm down to the last couple of yards of yarn in the skein and will have to stop soon and wait to meet up with S so she can show me how to finish off the scarf. I should be starting on my next project sometime this week. I'm going to try for a larger needle size and some bulkier yarn. I might even be really geeky and check out Yarniverse.

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