Thursday, May 03, 2007

About freakin' time

I’ve finally done it. I went ahead and committed to a one week vacation that will truly be a vacation. No email, no computer, and barring any emergencies no cell phone. What’s that? Am I taking a vacation in the Stone Age? Close. I’m going to the family camp in Maine. Tuesday night I booked my direct flight to Boston and ended up spending a whole $3.91. Don’t you just love the perks of getting bumped on flights? And since I am staying with family and at the family owned camp and borrowing my dad’s car, this will be the cheapest vacation. I’m heading out two weeks from yesterday and won’t be back in Memphis until the 23rd. Right now the plan is to spend a whopping 5 ½ days up at camp (drive up Thursday morning and drive back late Tuesday afternoon). I will need to pack a cooler with water and some munchies to tide me over, but that’s it. Dad will join me for part of the trip so I’ll have a canoeing buddy. We are even going to try to get in a little joint b-day dinner with the whole family for our birthdays. As long as there is cream cheese frosting I’ll be happy.

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LadyBoyd said...

Am getting more jealous every time I think of it. hehe. HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!