Monday, May 28, 2007

Just call me Angie

This has been a great b-day weekend. On Saturday evening E&J and LadyBoyd and her hubbie surprised me with a trip to Sunset Symphony and a homemade picnic. It was great weather and company. I my favorite part was LadyBoyd's homemade carrot cake. I was getting myself ready for a carrot cake-less May, but my friends refused to let that happen. This was the best cake I've ever had. BTW, it makes for a great Sunday Morning breakfast.
Sunday I hung around the house and did absolutely nothing. O'Malley forced me to wake up by 8:30, but I'll forgive her. Something about a non-declawed paw to the face is very motivating... Although I was pissed when she tried that trick today at 6 AM and several more times until I finally gave up at 9:30. I'm guessing that I might never need an alarm clock again.
Today, E&J picked me up for a nice lunch at Texas d'Brazil. While it can be really expensive for dinner, lunch is much more affordable. The "Meat Palace", as J calls it, is actually a great place for us vegetarians. They had the best roasted red pepper soup and grilled provolone. I finished lunch with coffee and flan. Yum! Next up was a trip to the zoo. This is the opening weekend of the summer butterfly exhibit. We walked around for about 4 hours. We hit all of the high points: cat country, penguins, polar bears, butterflies. E&J told me that they were going to buy a membership to the zoo on the way out. But that was a fib. They actually gave me a new child. How's that? They bought me a one year adoption for the one year old female White Bengal Tiger named Orissa. (Orissa for Krissa, get it?) That's her on the left. Sorry for the poor quality; it's from the Memphis Zoo website. The only sad thing is that I don't actually get to take her home and cuddle with both her and O'Malley. I must say that the last year of my third decade of life is off to a good start.


autumn said...

happy bday. YEAH A NEW KITTY!! and better yet this one doesnt require you cleaning its box. thank goodness, youd probably need a oven box to make it a litter box. :)

LadyBoyd said...

Can imagine the litter box of Orissa, though? Much better off without that. :-) Happy Birthday, officially!