Monday, August 18, 2008

Jumping Bean

Within 48 hours of coming home Daly was back to her old self. She continues to jump up and pounce on everything. If it weren't for the lingering glue in her front paws and the three stitches on her belly, you'd never know that she had surgery just days ago. She is adapting very well and has no problems jumping on the sofas and bed. She's even mastered the fine art of using her front paws to encircle a foot and then use the one-two punch of back claws and teeth. Would it be wrong to get her de-teethed, too? I kid, I kid. The proper term is "extraction of the teeth". After church on Sabbath E brought over her parents (visiting from the Arctic Massachusetts) to see my house and the girls. O'Malley allowed herself to be seen and then slipped up the stairs. Day, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of the company. It was good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

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Azeveda de La Gaia said...

That is pretty normal. Jade did that second day out of surgery. That surgeon's glue is really tough stuff. Will be taking my boy for that sometime in the future, myself.