Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet The Neighbors

Tuesday night I met some of my neighbors. I didn't meet them at a party or even out on the street. I met them because I boldly rang the doorbell and they answered. I was let into their nice house and met their two Jewish cats (Levi the Siamese and Isaac the Black). We got to chatting and discovered that the Mrs. is from Worcester County, MA and even spent some time in Portsmouth, VA. Small world. Our visit ended when I got a phone call and went back to my place. Did I mention that I got the phone call on their house phone? No? Well, I was emboldened to knock on their door after locking myself out of my house. I had no keys, no phone, no open doors or windows. Oh and the glass in my back door is strong enough to hold out against several tries to smash through it with a brick. My wonderful neighbors across the street let me use their phone so I could call someone to call someone who had a key and could let me in. (Since the advent of cell phones I don't know any one's number!) Guess that's the penalty for trying to be productive and attempting yard work.

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