Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Worst Mommy Ever

Yesterday morning I dropped little 3 pound, 19 week old Daly off at the vet for her front declawing and spaying surgery. The vet called by a little before 4p to let me know that all went well. They said that there were no complications and Daly was resting in her little incubator with her "boxing gloves on". Daly had to spend the night there, but I picked her up a little after 11a today. She looked so pitiful. Her little paws tinged red with blood, her shaved belly sporting a line of stitches several inches long, and one back foot noticeable swollen from being bandaged after the IV was taken out. One look at her and I felt like the worst Mommy ever. Her scratchy cry was almost more than I could take (they intubated her for the anesthesia and her throat is a little irritated). She of course tried to claw her way out of the carrier which only started up the blood flow from her little paws. There are now little bloody paw prints on the carpet in the back room. She's going to be staying in the back room for a couple of days. The vet told me to limit the about of jumping that she does so that's the reason for her exile. I've set up a nice little living area for her. Of course the bathroom (she loves to jump in and out of tubs) and the back room door will stay closed (can't have O'Malley beating her up). The hard top carrier is on the floor with a couple of towels carpeting the bottom. I've brought in the litter box from upstairs and am using the vet recommended Yesterday's News litter. I've also set up a feeding station with fresh water, special canned food for kittens, some milk flakes treats for kittens, and kitten chow--I'm trying a new brand and will have to force her to eat it since she turned her nose up at the last one in favor of O'Malley's indoor cat/weight control food. She'll be tucked away for another couple of days until her paws are more fully healed. Here she is in her improvised cat bed. I hope that she forgives me. We go back in 10 days to get her stitches out.

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