Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ducks, Christmas, Ethiopia

Another Christmas has come and gone. I experienced my first Memphis Christmas this week. (Last year was my first Tennessee Christmas in Nashville.) My parents flew in last Friday and flew out this morning for The Holidays Part II – the Maryland Edition. I think that they had a good time and can actually say that they had a vacation. We went to church, Zoo Lights, The Peabody Hotel for Christmas brunch, the Zoo again in the daylight, and of course Graceland. I made sure that they got to sleep in this week while I was at work (I worked mornings only Tues & Wed) before heading out to do the tourist-y stuff. We even lounged around all day Sunday. It was a good visit for everyone. O’Malley warmed up to Mom and Dad right away. Dad was very happy to have the privilege of playing with his grand-cat, but slight jealous of the fact that O’Malley would only sit on her momma’s lap. Speaking of my selective lap-cat, I am very excited to have my queen bed back (twin sized pull-out, bed hogging cat, and me: you do the math) and spend some one-on-one time with my Malley-Girl tonight. PS. If you ever find yourself in Collierville you must check out the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant. I highly recommend the cabbage and potato dishes. I never knew an Irish girl could eat so well in Ethiopia.

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