Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home Again

It has been a busy several days. Thursday I worked until 2:30 AM trying to hit a deadline that no one else bothered to. Unfortunately I was only able to hit it on 2 of the 3 new stations. I finished up this afternoon and am very happy to get that off of my plate. Friday evening was spent in airplanes and airports. I had quite a breakdown Friday night in Atlanta when AirTran caused me to miss my connection--the last flight they had going to Boston--and didn't seem to care. I think I actually scared some other fliers. The airline in question wouldn't put me up for the night and refused to check other airlines for flights to Boston. They gave me lots of "We don't do that"s and "We can't do anything for you"s. I ended up buying a first class ticket on Delta as it was all that was available. At this point I feel the need to offer so advice: Do not buy a last minute first class flight if at all possible. If there is any way that you might not make a connection on a discount airline, just buck up and buy the more expensive ticket to begin with. Peace of mind is invaluable. First class is expensive! The rest of the weekend was good. I was able to spend Saturday morning with friends and got some awesome presents. The memorial service was very upbeat and full of memories and family. Thankfully my flights back on Monday were uneventful and I once again remember why I don't like driving into Boston on the Expressway South (93) during rush hour.

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