Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New You?

I joined the ranks of those in 2007 and purchased my calendars today. Historically I don't have much luck with official resolutions although I do tend to keep on track with certain things. I don't know if it is a resolution, but each year since I've been working I've increased the percentage of each check that goes for church offerings (on top of tithing). Last year I increased offerings from 2% (of my gross salary) to 5% but also considered my monthly Air1.com and K-LOVE pledges as part of that 5%. I'm still trying to figure out if I should keep the same system and just increase from 5% to 7% (the ultimate goal is to work my way up to 10%--or a double tithe) or do a true 5% without the pledges. I'll spend some time thinking on this before I have to decide with my Jan 15 paycheck. I know that a raise is coming in 2007, so I am not too worried about the extra expense. Besides, God has never left me hanging when I make giving back to the church a priority. Tithe & Offering is always the first check written each payday, so I know I won't over spend. Here are a few other things that I want to do in 2007 (not resolutions!). Do you have a list? -Travel to Washington State to visit my dear friends Rob & Sandi -Be more prepared when leading out in the Youth Sabbath School -Eat healthy: less taco bell, more subway :) -Improve my time management skills

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