Friday, January 19, 2007

Nothing New

This week has been trudging along at a rather slow pace. I seems unbelievable that I only worked four days this week. Monday's holiday seems so far gone. While laying in bed after one of this week's several sleep-lacking nights (please pray that this does not become the norm), I heard a story on K-LOVE about the state of single women in America. I thought it interesting. I then heard a story on NPR relating to the same story. It seems that for the first time, the number of women living without spouses out weighs those who are. On a slightly related note, you may remember that I wrote a letter to the editor of the Adventist Review a few month ago commenting on the published excerpts of a young single woman's blog. It appears that my letter has not been chosen for publication. I have been looking at the "Letters" section in each of the Reviews I get, but no dice. As of the most recent issue--January 18, 2007--they are on to publishing letters pertaining to more recent issues of the magazine. I am disappointed not only because my letter was not selected, but no letters were printed that focused on the topic. Maybe I'm the only one to take issue with the idea of making a search for a husband the sole purpose in one's life.

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