Friday, March 30, 2007

Good Day

So it looks like today is rounding out to be a good day. I was thinking that nothing was going to top the Cold Stone Cheesecake Fantasy I had last night. It has fruit that makes it healthy. But then there was this good news. I know that it is 18 months out, but it gives a girl something to look forward to. UPDATE: The link isn't working. The good news is that Dunkin Donuts is going to come into the Memphis market!


LadyBoyd said...

ACK! The link didn't work... I'll ask you tonight. I wanna know what the good news is!

autumn said...

thank gawd i was really worried about your withdrawls. thing is they discontinued vanilla chai. i about came unhinged tuesday when i went in the the hampton one of 7am (which freaked them out as they usually see me at night) and bought a dozen bagels, 4 dozen doughnuts, and a truck of joe to take to richmond with me for a work meeting. i then went to order me a chai and was told no more, no where. then was offered a white hot chocolate. ick. thanks no. which reminds me..... i need to write a sternly worded letter to dnd.