Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend in Review

This week was very full. L came down for a long weekend. It was great to see her again even if it took her sister moving here for her to make the trek :) Thursday night we all went out with LadyBoyd and her hubby to see 300. While it was high up there on the violence scale (it is about a Spartan battle after all), it is well worth seeing. The backgrounds were amazing. I was so into the story I found myself clapping at a scene near the end of the movie. Ladies, when you see the movie you’ll know which scene it was. I don’t know if it was just me but I noticed a lot of Jesus allegory in the movie. The Spartan king cared more about his countrymen than himself and proudly stood up to Xerxes. At the end I was blown away by Xerxes speech and Satan’s temptations of Jesus. Friday I took the day off. After an early morning filling/teeth filing session and a mid-morning nap, L and I made the trip to the Brooks Museum of Art. We had lunch at their cafĂ© and took our time wandering the building's three levels. L was very generous and thought that the Brooks was better than the MFA in Boston. Personally, I disagree because the MFA has more Egyptian and Asian pieces. Yesterday was an extremely productive day. After dropping L off at the airport I curled up on my bed with O’Malley and finished Deep Storm by Lincoln Child. The book was every bit as entertaining as one would expect from Child, but I was disappointed by the source of the illness and how it came to be located where it was. Highlight if you have no intention of reading the book or don't mind being spoiled: a weapons stash sent to Earth by aliens. (Quick plot summary: an oil rig off the coast of Iceland finds something unusual so the military and multiple high level scientists move into an undersea Facility to investigate and dig beneath the Earth’s Moho layer. The crews fall ill—no real common symptoms—and a submariner doctor is brought in to solve the medical mystery.) While I was finishing up the book, E cleaned the whole apartment. I sorted through papers and mail for about an hour. I was finally throwing out mail from August 2005! I’m really bad about keeping up with that sort of thing. E did a great job and the place is sparkling. I don’t think it has ever looked this good. I did have to promise to keep up with the papers and throw things out a minimum of once a week.

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LadyBoyd said...

Ick. Filing stinks. I have not enough space to file away stuff so I end up with stacks of mail that needs to be kept, but can't go anywhere.