Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You are kidding me!

I had a good weekend in New England. I got to go to L's 30th birthday bash. I've never seen her so surprised in my life and E&J got the whole thing on video. I even got a chance to drive up to NH and see my cousin and his wife who are due to have their first baby any second. This weekend was fun and even refreshing. I finished Harry Potter (no spoliers, but I will say that I could've done without the epilogue) and spent time in 4 states in 48 hours. Today has been full of a week's worth of ups and downs. It all started on my way to work. I was 10 minutes out and got a call from one of the sales assistants. "The auditors are here." I knew they were in town but thought that would be at Union. I thought wrong. They were not getting what they needed in a timely manner at Union, so they stopped by my office first. I don't mind that they are here. I am ready for the audit, just not the time they needed today. I dropped off the majority of what they needed from me and rushed in to my Tuesday morning managers meeting about 5 minutes late. Then I spent the rest of the day being interrupted by sales people, my GM & the auditors. Just to give you a better understanding: I didn't get lunch until 1:30 (Taco Bell drive through), it took me 20 minutes to eat ONE taco at my desk, and I didn't get my first cup of coffee until 2:50. As if that wasn't enough, I got a call at 4p from my mortgage officer. Apparently she had made a mistake. The sellers agreed to pay all but $200 of my closing costs (which are about 5% due to it being a no money down loan and the taxes), but legally they can only pay 3% in closing costs! What does that mean? Well instead of getting back $300 of earnest money and not having to make my first mortgage until October 1, the seller reduced the price by $2,100 and I have to present a cashier's check for just under $1,100 by 11a tomorrow! Oh, and I can't afford the extra closing costs associated with the additional pre-paid interest, so my first mortgage payment will be September 1. After the initial shock wore off and I was once again able to function, I sat down with my checkbook. So, after transferring 99% of the money from my ING savings account and paying my rent for August on the 3rd (because it takes up to 3 days for the ING transfer to go through and my apartment does not consider the rent late until the 6th) and deciding to hold off paying one of my credit cards until next payday, I'll be able to pay the additional closing costs and have $2.12 to spare. Thankfully my pantry is stocked with Ramen and Mac & Cheese. :) At first I was wondering if God was trying to tell me that I'm not supposed to buy this house. Then, when I saw that I have just enough money to pay the closing costs, I realized that God is showing me that Yes, I should buy this house and to always remember that when you are faithful to God (When calculating if I could pay the $1,100 I refused to factor in any reduction in the amount of semi-monthly tithes and offerings that I committed to back in January.) He is faithful to you. It is also a reminder that God will provide exactly what you need. He may not give you more than you need, but he won't give you less!

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