Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm a homeowner! There have been many frustrations these last twenty-four hours. After the shock of yesterday, I got a call at 10a saying that the close was getting pushed back to 3p because the bank hadn't brought over the papers yet. Then a little after two I call the title company to get a confirmation on the amount I need to get from the bank. Guess what? Somehow in less than 24 hours the amount increased by another $200! So there goes that last little bit of cushion I was keeping for the movers. Thankfully I did have it or I would've lost the house. I guess God was reminding me that I still had too much and need to put my full faith in him for my daily needs. Anyway, the seller's paperwork wasn't in yet, but they gave me the house key after I signed my life away. Fun stuff!

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LadyBoyd said...

Congratulations! You own a HOWWWWWSE!!!!! :-) Can't wait to see it! And we have plenty of ramen, if your cupboards start feeling a bit bare. >wink<