Friday, August 31, 2007

Allergy Update

This pic does not due the reaction justice. To help you let me just say that I usually have more defined cheekbones. Also that red area goes about an inch or so into my cheek and goes into my hairline around my swollen ear. This is 36+ hours after the wasp sting. The swollen area is very firm to the touch and itchy. I'm off to have Nurse Mom apply allergy cream and tea tree oil. Cross your fingers this passes soon!


LadyBoyd said...

Will you ever come see us again?

Azeveda's Gambit said...

You may not want to hear this but either use an E-Pen or go to the Doc. That is a very serious sting. The inflamation that I see from the picture is a sure sign that it it bad. Holding off is not a good idea. I had that happen to my leg when I ran over a yellow jacket hive with the lawn mower. My leg doubled it's size in a few hours. Had to use an E-pen to bring the swelling down and some other pills to stop the hurting.