Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And so it begins...

The joys of being a homeowner. I found out on Sunday that the storage room (which is accessed from the outside and houses my circuit breaker) is locked and does not use the key that I was given. The sellers of the house don't have the key either. So, I'll have to spend about $50 for a locksmith to open the door and then I can go and by a new lock. The fact that anyone can access my circuit breaker if the door is unlocked brings to mind all of the scary movies I grew up watching. I also keep finding little things that need to be fixed. There is some smashed tile in the foyer that was covered by a rug and therefore not included in the inspection. Also, the molding above the kitchen cabinets was never finished. I guess they didn't want to mess with the curved shelves. The cabinets are not the greatest anyway so that goes on the list of future replacements along with the stove, vent hood, fireplace screen, closet organizers, foyer tile, etc. Oh, and there is a freaky space between the house and the patio out back. Not really sure what that means either.

Regardless of what all needs to be done, the house is on it's way to feeling like home. All it's missing is O'Malley (who is moving over on Sunday, but don't tell her) and furniture. Bathroom stuff and a shower curtain were brought over yesterday. I spent about an hour or so putting in cabinet liners in the kitchen only stopping when I ran out of liner. Thankfully I found some that I packed when I moved from MA two years ago. I went searching in a box that has remained packed for the last two years in hopes of finding my ducky shower rings--I did--and found quite a bit of extra cabinet liner from my Winthrop to TN move. I'll be putting the rest of that in tonight and changing out the upstairs toilet seat. Why? Well, that seat is cracked and there is nothing worse than sitting down on cracked vinyl. Besides, I have a ducky toilet seat just begging to be used :)

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Anonymous said...

Many houses built today have open access to circuit breakers. This is by law in some places to allow emercency crews access in case of fire, etc.