Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Considering my delicate condition--I haven't been out in the sun since high school and spend most days in the office, therefore my white Irish legs glow even with the lights on--I am hating August. With the rising temps and the fact that it is hotter outside at 5 PM than at noon, I can only assume that Memphis in August is a prerequisite for Hell. I ran out to Walgreen's at 2:45 this afternoon and honestly believe I got a minor sunburn. The fact that I should put on sunscreen to drive my car is insane. While I should know better than to go out in the sun considering the fact that my brother had a malignant melanoma removed from his side a few years ago, I think this is just too much. On the home front, all is well. Mom is still on track for a visit over Labor Day. I'm getting used to the place and have started to put some things away. O'Malley is loving the spaciousness and the stairs. Tonight I will try round two on the bathtub de-clogging project. I truly think Big Foot and Snuffy were the previous occupants of the house. The first batch of liquid plumber didn't even make a dent. I was in water up to my ankles this morning and it was still there 40+ minutes later when I left for work. Cross your fingers. Tonight I'm also stopping into Lowe's to check out/order a new vent hood and then will run over to the scratch & dent store to take a gander at the ranges and microwaves. I'm a little upset at the 21 year-old oven that currently lives in my kitchen. While defrosting waffles this morning I managed to burn my hand pretty badly. And since I haven't unpacked the first aid kit, I made due by dunking my fist in a cup of water on the drive to work and then raiding the burn cream at the office.

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