Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cats and Candles

In what some might see as an ironic twist of fate, O'Malley almost burned down the house last night while I was catching up on past episodes of Rescue Me. I had a large Pottery Barn candle--a housewarming gift from my realtor--lit in it's stand on the side table between the love seat and sofa. I had a gray scarf on the table doubling as a table cloth. O'Malley decided that she wanted to play with the scarf, so she pulled it and the candle off the table. There was a loud crash, a shatter as the glass cracked, and the noise of a full soda can splashing on the carpet. The candle remained lit during and after the fall. My sofa and love seat are skirted, so the only thing that kept them from going up in flames was the glass from the candle holder. Wax went everywhere!


LadyBoyd said...

Ohhh, and it was so pretty! Were you able to get the wax out?

Azeveda's Gambit said...

Got to love them frisky critters, LOL. My Girl, Jade is driving mom nuts.

autumn said...

yikes... we keep to the yankees jars and their tarts because of the jar for the candle, and the holder/tealight for the burner. and we keep em on the fire place or the back of the stove cause our zoo is just nuts sometimes.
grace is the QUEEN of causing trouble.