Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I think that I need to find some kind of an outlet for my new stress load. I find myself easily irritated and impatient with others. I am also having issues with slowing down my brain at night. Last night I was wide awake at 3:20 AM thinking about a payroll issue. I know that drinking and smoking are not options for obvious reasons. While I’m always up for a new tattoo, ink is not a long term solution. As I’ve mentioned before exercise is not on the top of my list either. Watching TV and movies is fun, but it just postpones thinking and does nothing really for distressing. Massages are always welcome but are expensive. What do you do to decompress?


LadyBoyd said...

I window shop... seriously! When Im at my most stressed, the thing I find that calms me down the most is to go and wander around a mall, or my favorite store. Either alone or with a friend...usually works. Especially in combination with decadence of some sort... you know, like buying a full fat coffee with all the whip you can eat, an ice cream, a new release book in hardcover....

Hope you find your decompression point! You can always come here, too... :-)

autumn said...

i window shop too. i love just roaming around the mall, or target etc to look at stuff and relax. also, your tricking your body into exercise. your brain says retail therapy. your feet say walky walky walk.
i also just do some serious critter attention. petting buttercup belly is always calming to me. or read. it sends me into a different world and the current stress just melts as i meld into the pages in front of me. (may explain why i finished 2 hardbacks this week while flying all over the east coast)
i use to swim. really i need to get back into that but im just not comfortable with that idea at the moment. i also use to walk down to the water, but since they redid the road and put benches there etc its lost some of its youthful stress release.
OH! and chrissy and i go to vancostas and visit with justin the hotty mchotty waiter guy who makes us laugh.