Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tonight I start my long holiday weekend. I fly to Boston on Wednesday morning and spend most of the day either in a plane or in Chicago's O'Hare airport. Lucky me! I'm actually looking forward to some forced down time. I purchased a new book, "The Town That Forgot to Breathe" and that will be my company. I've already lined up my regular pet sitter, a ride to and from the airport, and have my boarding passes printed out. Now all I need to do is pack. I'm hoping to be able to pack lite and not check anything. I even went out and bought quart size baggies. Last year my luggage never left my layover for my return flight, which is something I want to avoid. Work has been very yucky. I find myself constantly picking up the pieces when decisions that affect my department--by which I mean that I have to do the majority of the leg work--are made but I'm left out of the loop. I've also had it up to here (envision hand over my head) with people lack of original thought or lack of thought period. I don't understand how some adults actually function in daily life. All I know is that the timing of Thanksgiving vacation is perfect. I'm starting to understand why people go on rampages at work or become disgruntled postage workers. :) I would like to wish everyone safe and uneventful travels this week.

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