Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home Again

I experienced the most wonderful thing on Sunday. I arrived at Logan airport at 2pm for my supposed 4pm flight. Little did I expect to have no line at the check-in kiosk. Even more amazing--NO LINE at security! That's right. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, there was no line for security at terminal C at Boston's Logan airport. Good thing too, as my 4pm flight was actually at 3:30. Overall Thanksgiving was good. I spend most of the morning Thursday cooking. My mom ended up being sick all weekend so I was glad to be able to help out. Even though I had to have the obligatory "It's ok to be over 20 and single and not internet date due to the constant matching with uber-religious guys who would freak at my eight tattoos" discussion with Nanny, being able to hang out the Dean and Lukie made it worth while. I hope that they miss Aunt Kristy as much as I miss them.

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