Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am a Gemini, the ultimate split personality. With this in mind, it may help to explain why an Accounting major chose an English minor. If I had more time or effort to expend, I may have done a double major. Instead, I decided to finish college in 4 years and settle for a minor in English and didn't have to do a thesis! The topic would've probably been myth related if I did do one. I do consider myself a decent writer. However, I never had the ambition to write a novel. I give kudos to those of my friends who are seriously taking the plunge. I don't think I'm creative enough to write much more than a semi-autobiographical short-short story. Imagination is not one of my strong points; too much logic and left brain thought (I am a controller after all). I am much happier in the realm of essays and poetry. I understand that I probably consider myself a better poet than I actually am. That doesn't mean I shouldn't keep at it and allow you the misfortune of reading it :) It has been about 18 months since I've written anything of substance. I always bring a journal with me on trips, but never write. I recently found a binder of half finished poems that I am going to try to finish. When I see a poem, or anything else for that matter, that one of my friends has written I feel a pang of guilt for not keeping up with writing. So with that in mind here is the last poem I wrote. (Yes it has been on myspace for awhile.) It was April 2005 and I was at a women's retreat with my mom in NH. If I am in a sharing mood, I'll post more as they come to fruition. Orange-black tongues lick the air drinking in the hard coldness, a soft contented warmth in its wake. Gentle crackling breaks the silence speaking to those who do not hear. Comfort seeps in, wrapping all in cloaks of sleep. Dreaming of battles lost and won and lost again. -klh 4/2005

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