Friday, October 13, 2006


I think I may have found my motivation for working out: a Office Weigh Off. That's right, nothing motivates like money. There are five of us who put $50 in a kitty. The one who loses the highest percentage BMI by Nov 17 gets 75%, the one who loses the most pounds by the 17th gets the other 25%. Keep in mind that it is me against 4 guys. The weigh in today was pretty awful; NEVER put your scale on carpet. NEVER. It adds almost 10 lbs. We will have weigh-ins on Friday mornings and then someone will update the spreadsheet. That's right, excel will keep us on track. While I refuse to record the most recent scale reading (bad carpet, bad), my BMI is 25.7. I will update the weekly pounds lost and my BMI on Fridays. Keep your fingers crossed: Momma loves new shoes!

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Autumn said...

Lol why does your skinny butt need to complete to loose weight? Gawd I feel horribly huge when I stand next to you, or Tara. Not so bad next to Meg and chrissy though. *sigh. I need a damn gym buddy.