Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So far today I am over halfway to my water consumption goal. The trick is adding flavored powder to the water. It kinda makes me a little thirsty and I drink even more. The drawback is that I now have to pee every hour or so. When you only drink 1-2 cups of fluid a day, you only pee once or twice a day :) I'm going to go furniture shopping tonight--and yes this is an excuse to not exercise. I found a bedroom set and a living room set that I like. I only have a big red chair and dorm bookcases in my living room now. Since my parents are visiting for Christmas I figured that I should have a place for them to sit. I'm committed to getting grownup furniture and am going to try to not piecemeal anymore. This is why I'm going for the sets. Once they are delivered and set up, I'll post a photo. Also, with proper furniture maybe I'll be a better housekeeper. Then again, like my mom said, "You are like me -you don't clean anything daily except your body." Nice to know I'm in good company.

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autumn said...

i want a bobinizer. i dont think they make em anymore. :(