Monday, October 30, 2006

Mondays Schmondays

I'll start off with some good news. Last Friday's weigh in resulted in another 3 lbs lost and 2% in BMI reduction. All of that without any much needed exercise. Today I am cranky. I had to be in the office on Saturday night and the majority of Sunday. I had planned on doing laundry and playing around with the layout in the living room but it wasn't meant to be. I'm bordering on overwhelmed, too. I have a lot to accomplish this week and not a lot of direction. So, to make myself feel productive I'm organizing the monthly workpapers and cleaning up my office. The mounds of paper to be filed are sure to be contributing to my mood. I tried to uplift my spirits with some Taco Bell for lunch, but it didn't really hit the spot. I'm hoping to sneak out of work early today so that I can pick up the package that's been waiting for the last week at the Rental Office and start on that whole exercise thing.

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