Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Sabbath

The last couple of days have been all kinds of hectic at work and I was so happy to have Sabbath this week. We are in the middle of three major changes at work that all must be finished in the next couple of days. As a result of a lack of attention to detail, I got called in today around 5:30 pm to help out. Overall today has been a good day. I was up at 8 and took my time getting ready. I skipped out on Sabbath School because I visited First Church and had no other obligations. I was able to enjoy a nice breakfast and even got in a daily Bible reading with my HMS Richards reading the Bible chronologically in a year book. (I got the book for Christmas two years ago, but am very bad about actually using it daily. I finished 2 Samuel this morning.) I took the back way to church and was able to enjoy the changing foliage along the way. Some of these back roads give off a small town Vermont vibe. I got to church just as the praise team was filling time between services. My reason for visiting First Church this week was to see a friend play the piano for special music and I was not disappointed. I have not been to First Church since my mom came to visit in September 2005. The few times I visited I became overwhelmed by a sense of coldness and loneliness. I am probably one of the least outgoing and most shy people in a new situation so I am sure that contributed to my lack of welcome at First Church. I actually ran into a couple from my church this week and felt pretty welcome. I ended up sitting in a full row of fellow young adults who invited me to take part in their monthly potluck. I couldn't bring myself to make that step just yet, but maybe if I visit First Church on weeks that I don't have to do announcements at Raleigh I will feel more comfortable and accept the invitation next time.

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LadyBoyd said...

we felt that coldness the first time we went, too... and the next time we were overwhelmed with the welcome! I still feel a bit out of place at the youth get together's... Im generally a pretty blunt and confident and outgoing person, but even I feel a little out of place when surrounded by all the other "girls" who've known each other for years... Come more often! We can sit in a corner and giggle until we feel properly part of things. >wink<