Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sick Day

For the past month or so I have been experiencing killer headaches. They come on like clockwork on Sunday afternoons. I was never one who had migraine, although my brother was plagued by them as a kid. During high school tylenol resistant tension headaches ruled my off hours. I'm normally able to put a headache out of my mind until I have some down time. Apparently, the days of tension headaches are back. The fact that I usually spend my Sundays locked in my house catching up on the week's TV probably doesn't help. But this weekend's headache stuck around and I stayed home yesterday. I slept in until 1 PM and just kinda vegged out for the rest of the day. I was back in bed at 9 last night. Even O'Malley took a sick day and spent the whole day in bed or on my lap. Because I know my tendency for tension headaches I need to come up with an idea to curb them. I'm thinking this would mean that I need to get off my Big Red Chair and start walking. I'm sure the fresh air will do wonders, not to mention the fact that I know I am in need of some serious exercise. My main problem is motivation. I did good when I had the goal of being in a wedding. Now I am goal-less. I don't have a certain anyone to impress and don't even have that on my radar at the moment (that is another post for another day). Maybe ending these tension headaches will be a motivation. Only time will tell.

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Autumn said...

Excedrin Migraine is my best friend sometimes. When it doesnt work the Dr put me on Maxalt. Pretty interesting drugs. You should get your eyes checked though too if its been awhile. Lasers or not you do a lot of monitor viewing.